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The mission of the South Texas Section is to promote scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics.

The South Texas Section covers the geographic region in and around Houston. Our Section sponsors technical meetings, usually monthly, through which a member may participate in the advancement of plastics science and engineering. All monthly meetings are open to both members and non-members. Board meetings are open to any member, in good standing, to attend and participate.

The South Texas Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers has served Texas since 1948.

Led by many dedicated individuals, this section has instituted and maintained many programs that supply our membership with current information in the ever evolving world of plastics: design, recycling, materials, manufacturing and applications.

In 1975, we began sponsoring the “Regional Polyolefins Technical Conference”. This event became so popular that we  decided to make it an annual event and an International conference.. This conference offers programs about the wide field of Polyolefins and features seminars of international importance. It is attended by plastics professionals from all aspects of the industry. The Polyolefins Conference is one of the leading plastics conferences in the world.

In 1985 our section established our Scholarship Fund. This fund is awarded annually to local students who are concentrating on studies in the field of plastics. Our Education Chair administers this fund.

This web-site was established in August of 1998 to keep you informed of the many events the South Texas Section has to offer. Visit calendar web page to keep informed of our Sections scheduled events and our newsletter web page for all the new and old news of our region.

Your comments, suggestions, contributions, and recommendations are welcome and can be directed to any of the current Board of Directors or Section Officers.

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Past Officers

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2023-2024Preston McDanielJason BallFernando Cevallos-CandauPeter Lauzon
2022-2023Iman BahraniPreston McDanielTom WalshRichard Keeler
2021-2022Iman BahraniPreston McDanielTom WalshRichard Keeler
2020-2021Peter LauzonIman BahraniDell DoyleTom WalshRichard Keeler
2019-2020Peter LauzonIman BahraniDell DoyleTom WalshRichard Keeler
2018-19Steve KingDell DoyleIman BahraniPeter Lauzon
2017-18Steve KingDell DoyleIman BahraniPeter Lauzon
2016-17Kevin AlexanderSteve KingDell DoyleRyan ReesePete Lauzon
2015-16Kevin AlexanderSteve KingAshley RainesTerry Vermaas
2014-15Mike HedgerCathy EdgingtonKevin AlexanderTerry Vermaas
2013-14Brandon ClearyMike EdgerCathy EdgingtonTerry Vermaas
2012-13Robert PortnoyBrandon ClearyMike HedgerCathy EdingtonTerry Vermaas
2011-12Tom WalshRobert PortnoyBrandon ClearyPamela AuurnTerry Vermaas
2010-11Kurt HaydenTom WalshRobert PortnoyChuck O'TooleTerry Vermaas
2009-10Jeff ApplegateKurt HaydenTom WalshHarish SanganiTerry Vermaas
2008-09Jeff ApplegateBrandon ClearyKurt HaydenHarish SanganiGlenn Rasberry
2007-08Donna DavisJeff ApplegateBrandon ClearyRaj SaxenaGlenn Rasberry
2006-07Harish SanganiDonna DavisEarl L. JohnsonRaj SaxenaGerry Wissler
2005-06Ray JohannessenHarish SanganiDonna DavisRaj SaxenaGerry Wissler
2004-05Suzanne BiggsRay JohannessenHarish SanganiKevin MenchacaGerry Wissler
2003-04Robert GoddardSuzanne BiggsRay JohannessenDavid KollarJames LaFountain
2002-03Bruce CombsRobert GoddardSuzanne BiggsRay Johannessen
2001-02David HenryBruce CombsRobert GoddardPeter LauzonRay Johannessen
2000-01Tom WalshDavid HenryBruce CombsDon LovedayGlenn Rasberry
1999-00Wayne DerrickTom WalshDavid HenryBruce CombsGlenn Rasberry
1998-99Don ChapmanWayne DerrickJohn FlickingerDavid HenryDave Faiman
1997-98Donna DavisDon ChapmanWayne DerrickJohn FlickingerTerry Vermaas
1996-97Bill BassettDonna DavisDon ChapmanJohn FlickingerTerry Vermaas
1995-96Leslie GorhamBill BassettDonna DavisPete TottenhamTerry Vermaas
1994-95Thomas ChuctaLeslie GorhamBill BassettDonna DavisTerry Vermaas
1993-94Allan HartmanTom ChuctaLeslie GorhamTerry VermaasBill Bassett
1992-93Gerry BurstainAllan HartmanTom ChuctaLeslie GorhamBill Bassett
1992-91Ed MarshallGerry BurstainAllan HartmanTom ChuctaCharles Shedd
1990-91Martin HustiEdward MarshallGerry BurstainAllan HartmanCharles Shedd
1989-90George ReedMartin HustiEdward MarshallRay JohannessenGerry Burstain
1988-89Harold FrankGeorge ReedMartin HustiRay JohannessenGerry Burstain
1987-88Mal SchardHarold FrankGeorge ReedMartin HustiH.J.
1986-87Michael DooleyMal SchardWilliam MagruderHarold FrankMarcia Patrick
1985-86W.A. DiecksMichael DooleyRobert BeamWilliam MagruderMarcia Patrick
1984-85Dale WalkerW.A. DiecksMichael DooleyCharles PetersonRon Groat
1983-84R.J. BeamDale WalkerW.A. DiecksCharles PetersonMichael Dooley
1982-82Tricia RussellR.J. BeamDale WalkerM.P. SchardMichael Dooley
1981-82Fred KramerTricia RussellDale WalkerRoyce Cowan
1980-81Larry HolmesFred KramerRobert BeamRoyce Cowan
1979-80R.E. ChristensenJ.E. SuazoL.A. HolmesFred Kramer
1978-79C.H. KlestadtR.E. ChristensenJ.E. SuazoL.A. HolmesFred Kramer
1977-78R.C. SchumannC.H. KlestadtA.R. GuyJim Jacoby
1976-77Bill KuhlkeR.C. SchumannJim JacobyG.A. Menghi
1975-76John MooreEd KaltenbacherTom WilkinsonHerb Meyer
1974-75John MooreEd KaltenbacherTom WilkinsonRichard Kadlick
1973-74Charles BrownfieldJohn MooreEd KaltenbacherRon Zilliox
1972-73B.W. HeinmeyerCharles BrownfieldEd KaltenbacherJohn Moore
1971-72Corbin AslaksonStiles MeagherCarvel YarbroughJohn Moore
1970-71Herb MeyerCorbin AsiaksonCharles BrownfieldHarold Klein
1969-70Mel JacobsHerb MeyerDave MeagherPat James
1968-69Carroll McKennaMel JacobsCharles O'HarePat James
1967-68Robert SmithCarroll McKennaMike HelmPat James
1966-67Harold TibbetsRobert SmithHarry ScottWillis Potter
1965-66T.G. ReedHarold TibbetsRobert SmithWillis Potter
1964-65Hershal KrauseT.G. ReedR.A. ProchnovHarold Sanders
1963-64Ed KrauseHershal KrauseNorman HallHarold Sanders
1962-63Clint HowardR.O. TuxsonNorman HallHarold Sanders
1961-62Art SmithClint HowardJames CavenderHarold Sanders
1960-61William DunlapArt SmithClint HowardHarold Sanders
1959-60Carol McKennaWard BerkholderClint HowardHarold Sanders
1965-59L.D. BlackwellTom Robb, Jr.Norman ShermanCarol McKenna
1957-65L.D. BlackwellTom RobbNorman ShermanCarol McKenna
1956-57Lewis ConnellyWilliam MeathTom RobbNorman Sherman
1955-56Lewis WilliamsLewis ConnellyWilliam MeathCarl Eckenrod
1954-55Ray MeyerLewis WilliamsJames HarlanJim Pinkston
1953-54Jim PinkstonLewis WilliamsLewis Williams
1952-53Carl EckenrodA.F. FugalCharles ShepherdCharles Shepherd
1951-52A.F. FugalL.D. BlackwellPhil ShayPhil Shay
1950-51Charles ShepherdL.D. BlackwellWillis BarnesWillis Barnes
1949-50Marion ArthurC.G. HarrisonWillis BarnesWillis Barnes
1948-49Don BuxsonPerry WarmathMarion ArthurMarion Arthur

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