The South Texas Section International Polyolefins Conference Beneficiaries

More than 80% of South Texas Section’s profits from the Polyolefins Conference go to support eight Universities with polymer programs, students of SPE South Texas Section members, and the Houston Science Fair.

Universities supported by the South Texas SPE section with scholarships, endowments, equipment grants and student chapter funds. These universities are Baylor, Texas A&M, University of Houston, Texas Tech, Texas State, Lamar, North Texas, and Texas State.

The educational budget is typically $50-95K per year. A complete description of the South Texas SPE Section Educational program can be viewed here.

Scholarships available for Children and Grandchildren of South Texas SPE Section Members

Children and grand children of active SPE-STX members are eligible for up to a $2,500 scholarship/yr. All qualified applicants will receive scholarships.

The requirements are: 1) Children or grandchildren should be a resident of Texas (the students can be attending school outside of Texas). The student should be attending a college or University or accepted to attend a college or University (just graduating from high school) 2) South Texas Section member must be a member of SPE and the South Texas SPE Section 3) South Texas Section member must be active in the section and have attended four (4) section events during the Application year during the September-May period of when the application is being made Applications are accepted from Jan 1-May 1 of each year.

Download application form.