Thank you International Polyolefins Conference 2024 Sponsors

Why Sponsor at the SPE International Polyolefins Conference 2024? Exposure.

1000+ attendees expected

150+ papers

70+ exhibitors expected

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect your product or service with decision-makers and polyolefin industry professionals. This conference draws hundreds of industry professionals: producers, suppliers, processors, marketers, application developers, regulators and thought leaders, from around the globe. Our sponsorship packages can accommodate any budget. If you have an idea for a sponsorship-let’s chat.

And remember SPE-STX’s purpose is to further the plastics industry through scholarships, university department funding and university endowments. Your sponsorship dollars will leverage the future of the plastics industry by funding tomorrows plastics professionals.

All sponsors will enjoy brand exposure on our SPE-STX website (www.spe-stx.org), on our virtual event platform, on a dedicated Sponsor’s page in the official conference notebook and during the in-person conference via the LED Archway Display which will be located at the entrance of the conference.

Join us during the SPE International Polyolefins Conference in Galveston, Texas this year and make an even greater impact by becoming a Sponsor.  When you become a Sponsor your brand will enjoy exposure in meaningful ways.  Your brand will be featured in the South Texas SPE website all year long. It will also have exposure in the virtual Conference platform. During the Conference your brand will appear in a Recognition Page inside of our official Conference Handbook.  We have many diverse Sponsorship Opportunities to match your needs and budget.  There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsorship levels. 

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels:Min:Max:

Available Sponsorship Opportunities

Student Poster-As a Student Poster Sponsor your company will be mentioned and recognized during the Student Poster competition ($950).

Hotel Room Keys with your Logo-The designated Conference Hotel(s) will be handing out room key cards with your logo beginning Sunday, February 18th, 2024 to all hotel guests attending conference ($3,495).

Conference Handout Notebook-Notebooks are handed out to conference attendees at check-in.

Full Page Options

1Inside Front Cover (5.00”x8.00” in 4 colors)        $995
2Outside Back Cover (5.00”x8.00” in 4 colors)     $1,200
3Inside Back Cover (5.00”x8.00” in 4 colors)        $995

Inside Spread Full Page Options

1Inside Spread Full Page (5.00”x8.00” in 4 colors)        $850
2Inside Spread Full Page (5.00”x8.00” in B&W)            $650

Inside Regular Half Page Ad Options

1Inside Half Page Ad (5.00”x3.75” in B&W)            $325

Notebook ad examples:

Name Badge Lanyards-Branded name badge lanyards with your company’s logo ($2,995). Price does not include the lanyards.

Conference Bag Items-Co-Sponsorship of all items or individual item Sponsorships are available. Can include any number of items, possibilities can be discussed. Prices vary by selection, etc.

Digital Kiosk Coffee Break-There are a total of 5 coffee breaks during the conference. Monday (morning & afternoon), Tuesday (morning & afternoon), and Wednesday (morning).

Coffee Break Kiosk Information
One Day Exclusive ($7,500)
One Day Shared ($3900)

Half Day Exclusive ($3,900)
Half Day Shared ($1,950)

Digital Ad in Salons A & B-One Day Exclusive per salon ($4,400) One Day Shared per salon ($2,200)

Lunch Sponsor-Total of 2 (Monday, Tuesday) lunch sponsorship opportunities available ($3,350). Exclusive lunch sponsor for any 2 days ($5,650).

Sunday Welcome Reception-Sunday evening reception in the exhibit area includes appetizers and drink tickets ($3,450). There is also the option to have sponsor’s logo on the napkins and cups (price based on market price for items).

Monday Welcome Reception-Monday evening reception upstairs in the Galveston Island Convention Center overlooking the gulf. This includes appetizers and drink tickets ($10,000) There is also the option to have sponsor’s logo on the napkins and cups (price based on market price for items).

Tuesday Afternoon Entertainment-Tuesday afternoon entertainment sponsorship ($3,450). An option will be to have sponsor’s logo on the napkins and cups (price based on market price for items).

Gogo Projector-Projection of logo on wall in plenary session. This will be shown prior and between each speaker per day ($2,195).

Follow this link to sponsor directly:

Or contact Fernando Cevallos-Candau to discuss options available.

Complimentary Sponsor Conference Tickets

We are pleased to inform our sponsors that our sponsorships include complimentary full ticket(s) to the conference based on
sponsorship monies spent. A complimentary ticket will be awarded with each $1,500 dollars spent in sponsorships.

For example:
$1,500.00 spent will be awarded 1 pass
$3,000.00 spent will be awarded 2 passes
$4,500.00 spent will be awarded 3 passes
And continuing with each $1500 spent.

Full Conference-conference rooms available to sponsors sponsoring at silver level or above for customer meetings.
Contact Renee Colyer for pricing and availability.

International Polyolefins Conference 2023 sponsors may use the following logo to promote their company’s presence at the event.

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