The mission of the South Texas Section is to promote scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics.

The South Texas Section covers the geographic region in and around Houston. Our Section sponsors technical meetings, usually monthly, through which a member may participate in the advancement of plastics science and engineering. All monthly meetings are open to both members and non-members. Board meetings are open to any member, in good standing, to attend and participate.

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Officers History
Year President President-Elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2016-17 Kevin Alexander Steve King Dell Doyle Ryan Reese Pete Lauzon
2015-16 Kevin Alexander Steve King Ashley Raines Terry Vermaas
2014-15 Mike Hedger Cathy Edgington Kevin Alexander Terry Vermaas
2013-14 Brandon Cleary Mike Edger Cathy Edgington Terry Vermaas
2012-13 Robert Portnoy Brandon Cleary Mike Hedger Cathy Edington Terry Vermaas
2011-12 Tom Walsh Robert Portnoy Brandon Cleary Pamela Auurn Terry Vermaas
2010-11 Kurt Hayden Tom Walsh Robert Portnoy Chuck O'Toole Terry Vermaas
2009-10 Jeff Applegate Kurt Hayden Tom Walsh Harish Sangani Terry Vermaas
2008-09 Jeff Applegate Brandon Cleary Kurt Hayden Harish Sangani Glenn Rasberry
2007-08 Donna Davis Jeff Applegate Brandon Cleary Raj Saxena Glenn Rasberry
2006-07 Harish Sangani Donna Davis Earl L. Johnson Raj Saxena Gerry Wissler
2005-06 Ray Johannessen Harish Sangani Donna Davis Raj Saxena Gerry Wissler
2004-05 Suzanne Biggs Ray Johannessen Harish Sangani Kevin Menchaca Gerry Wissler
2003-04 Robert Goddard Suzanne Biggs Ray Johannessen David Kollar James LaFountain
2002-03 Bruce Combs Robert Goddard Suzanne Biggs Ray Johannessen
2001-02 David Henry Bruce Combs Robert Goddard Peter Lauzon Ray Johannessen
2000-01 Tom Walsh David Henry Bruce Combs Don Loveday Glenn Rasberry
1999-00 Wayne Derrick Tom Walsh David Henry Bruce Combs Glenn Rasberry
1998-99 Don Chapman Wayne Derrick John Flickinger David Henry Dave Faiman
1997-98 Donna Davis Don Chapman Wayne Derrick John Flickinger Terry Vermaas
1996-97 Bill Bassett Donna Davis Don Chapman John Flickinger Terry Vermaas
1995-96 Leslie Gorham Bill Bassett Donna Davis Pete Tottenham Terry Vermaas
1994-95 Thomas Chucta Leslie Gorham Bill Bassett Donna Davis Terry Vermaas
1993-94 Allan Hartman Tom Chucta Leslie Gorham Terry Vermaas Bill Bassett
1992-93 Gerry Burstain Allan Hartman Tom Chucta Leslie Gorham Bill Bassett
1992-91 Ed Marshall Gerry Burstain Allan Hartman Tom Chucta Charles Shedd
1990-91 Martin Husti Edward Marshall Gerry Burstain Allan Hartman Charles Shedd
1989-90 George Reed Martin Husti Edward Marshall Ray Johannessen Gerry Burstain
1988-89 Harold Frank George Reed Martin Husti Ray Johannessen Gerry Burstain
1987-88 Mal Schard Harold Frank George Reed Martin Husti H.J.
1986-87 Michael Dooley Mal Schard William Magruder Harold Frank Marcia Patrick
1985-86 W.A. Diecks Michael Dooley Robert Beam William Magruder Marcia Patrick
1984-85 Dale Walker W.A. Diecks Michael Dooley Charles Peterson Ron Groat
1983-84 R.J. Beam Dale Walker W.A. Diecks Charles Peterson Michael Dooley
1982-82 Tricia Russell R.J. Beam Dale Walker M.P. Schard Michael Dooley
1981-82 Fred Kramer Tricia Russell Dale Walker Royce Cowan
1980-81 Larry Holmes Fred Kramer Robert Beam Royce Cowan
1979-80 R.E. Christensen J.E. Suazo L.A. Holmes Fred Kramer
1978-79 C.H. Klestadt R.E. Christensen J.E. Suazo L.A. Holmes Fred Kramer
1977-78 R.C. Schumann C.H. Klestadt A.R. Guy Jim Jacoby
1976-77 Bill Kuhlke R.C. Schumann Jim Jacoby G.A. Menghi
1975-76 John Moore Ed Kaltenbacher Tom Wilkinson Herb Meyer
1974-75 John Moore Ed Kaltenbacher Tom Wilkinson Richard Kadlick
1973-74 Charles Brownfield John Moore Ed Kaltenbacher Ron Zilliox
1972-73 B.W. Heinmeyer Charles Brownfield Ed Kaltenbacher John Moore
1971-72 Corbin Aslakson Stiles Meagher Carvel Yarbrough John Moore
1970-71 Herb Meyer Corbin Asiakson Charles Brownfield Harold Klein
1969-70 Mel Jacobs Herb Meyer Dave Meagher Pat James
1968-69 Carroll McKenna Mel Jacobs Charles O'Hare Pat James
1967-68 Robert Smith Carroll McKenna Mike Helm Pat James
1966-67 Harold Tibbets Robert Smith Harry Scott Willis Potter
1965-66 T.G. Reed Harold Tibbets Robert Smith Willis Potter
1964-65 Hershal Krause T.G. Reed R.A. Prochnov Harold Sanders
1963-64 Ed Krause Hershal Krause Norman Hall Harold Sanders
1962-63 Clint Howard R.O. Tuxson Norman Hall Harold Sanders
1961-62 Art Smith Clint Howard James Cavender Harold Sanders
1960-61 William Dunlap Art Smith Clint Howard Harold Sanders
1959-60 Carol McKenna Ward Berkholder Clint Howard Harold Sanders
1965-59 L.D. Blackwell Tom Robb, Jr. Norman Sherman Carol McKenna
1957-65 L.D. Blackwell Tom Robb Norman Sherman Carol McKenna
1956-57 Lewis Connelly William Meath Tom Robb Norman Sherman
1955-56 Lewis Williams Lewis Connelly William Meath Carl Eckenrod
1954-55 Ray Meyer Lewis Williams James Harlan Jim Pinkston
1953-54 Jim Pinkston Lewis Williams Lewis Williams
1952-53 Carl Eckenrod A.F. Fugal Charles Shepherd Charles Shepherd
1951-52 A.F. Fugal L.D. Blackwell Phil Shay Phil Shay
1950-51 Charles Shepherd L.D. Blackwell Willis Barnes Willis Barnes
1949-50 Marion Arthur C.G. Harrison Willis Barnes Willis Barnes
1948-49 Don Buxson Perry Warmath Marion Arthur Marion Arthur

October 11-12, 2017:
Vinyltec 2017
Marriott Plaza San Antonio
555 S. Alamo Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
Texas A&M Polymer Technology Center

Short Course Scratch and Wear Behavior of Polymers and Composites

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